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poniedziałek, 21 listopada 2011

there’ll be no sunlight If I lose you, baby

So much time passed, but you're still with me. Eventhough you're not by my side anymore. I guess I'll keep you in my heart for ever.

"If you ever leave me baby,
Leave some morphine at my door
‘Cause it would take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have,
We don’t have it anymore...."


piątek, 4 listopada 2011


Fear. Every day is a struggle with our inner demons. The tiny voice in the back of our head is the one of them too. I't tells us what to do and how to live. It sais how useless we are, and how we're not going to make it. Ok, It does make us self-concious, but it also makes us afraid. Afraid of beeing laughed at, afraid of anything that's new....
Change. It is wrong to wish for anything better, newer. We should stay as we are, in our own little space and accept our existance. Should we really...?
Fear only stops our progress, makes us go backwards. Truth is, I shouldn't wish to do something, I should just do it. It's a mistake? fine, then I know that i wont make it again. At least i know i tried. You live once, they say... 

I wish I'd know how to live with no fear. Do whatever I want, and enjoy my live to the fullest. Oh, and never worry about what people say- after all, It is your life, and your mistakes. You should better  make them, till you still can.

poniedziałek, 31 października 2011

Happy Halloween!

Here you have the Halloween photoshoot i had few days ago... Enjoy!!! :)

Model: Model: Lynsey Mc Gee
Make-up: Emilia Kuczma-Porębska 


środa, 26 października 2011

Sa takie chwile, w ktorych czujesz, ze zycie przecieka Ci przez palce. Zyjesz w prozni emocjonalnej, gdzie nic nie ma znaczenia. Bo po co wysilac sie i czuc. latwiej jest sie wylaczyc, nie myslec o niczym, przykleic usmiech na twarz i byc. Z dnia na dzien. Niewatpliwie,  sztuke oszukiwania samych siebie opanowalismy do perfekcji. W koncu kazdy z nas ma jakas maske.

poniedziałek, 19 września 2011

Hey everybody! College just started today and I feel both, very happy but also extremely confused. I guess that's the way it goes!
 I'd like to leave you with the pictures of beautiful Joanna, enjoy!! :)

środa, 14 września 2011

środa, 31 sierpnia 2011

Time's up!

Time to reactivate this place. I'm moving out to Dublin on friday and still have lots of retouching to do, hopefully i'll have lots to share with You here. We'll start with Daga's shoot, so enjoy!

You're more than welcome to like me on  FACEBOOK.

poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011


Hey guys. I'm planning on comming back soon. Soon, which in my language means in a month. After the leaving cert. After I sort myself out.

Model: Vanessa Pawleta
Make-up: Emma Cullinane
Styling: Eva Borland

sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

czwartek, 6 stycznia 2011

Us running arround the place, laughing while passing Shepherd's Bush, a strange conversation we had about the fox eating the tyres, so I won't be able to go back. Squint, so You'll see the bokeh. Airport, Your Guiness slippers and Your sweet little face, Your eyes when u turned arround one more time and I saw them full of tears, which U tried hardly to hide...
And Yes, I will come back, and I'm hoping my lovely shooes will still be there. Cause believe it or not, lack of space in my luggage wasn't the only reason I left them there.

Always yours <3